Substation Drawings and Applications – Schemes

This course is designed to accommodate participants who are new to the electric power industry.

This course describes how to utilize information from a variety of sources to create control elementary diagrams for high voltage circuit breakers. Participants will use cut sheets provided by panel, protective relay, control switch, and circuit breaker manufacturers to develop a control elementary diagram that illustrates trip and close circuits for a 138 KV circuit breaker.

Participants will then use information derived from panel wiring details, etc., which will result in a control elementary drawing. This will include contact designations, cable designations, conductor terminations, etc., needed to perform substation acceptance tests.

This course can be applied to the Electrical Engineering Certificate.


Anthony Sleva, PE

Anthony Sleva, PE

Mr. Sleva is President of Prescient Transmission Systems, a consulting company that focuses on innovations that are needed as energy production migrates to carbon free, renewable energy. He is involved with 1.) directing the development of new products and services ... read more

Who Should Attend

Project managers, construction managers, engineers, planners, supervisors, designers, technicians, analysts, consultants, electricians, and others who need to utilize wiring drawings as part of their assigned duties.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will understand wiring details that are shown on control elementary diagrams. This includes device and terminal designations, component representations on panel front and rear views, terminal block arrangements, test switch applications, control cable applications, and wiring essentials.

Course Outline/Topics

Day 1

After discussing sample drawings, reference documents, and “industry best” work practices, participants use a scope of work document to develop the following drawings:

· Material list

· Control elementary diagram

· Control panel front view

· Control panel rear view with wiring details

· Control panel cable terminations

· 138 KV circuit breaker low voltage cable terminations

· Control cable schedule

Day 2

Participants create a drawing list, then exchange drawings to compare and peer-review work products. Participants perform operations, maintenance, and constructability reviews to assure that final products effectively present essential details.

Note: Substation drawings are custom products that reflect the preference of the individual who prepared the drawings. Participants are given copies of preliminary drawings that include 20% of the essential details and sample copies of similar drawings. Participants use preliminary drawings to create IFC (Issued for Construction) drawings that are peer reviewed for accuracy and completeness.


Date: Tue-Wed, Apr 23-24, 2024

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 8am-4pm CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Anthony Sleva PE

Fee: $1,295

CEUs: 1.4, CEHs: 14, PDHs: 14

Enrollment Limit: 23

Program Number: 4840-15904

Registration Deadline: Apr 16, 2024

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