Gear Technology Certificate

Gears are everywhere. They’re prevalent within cars, watches, wind turbines and most engineering devices. In the world of manufacturing, the intricate nature of gear technology makes quality training more important than ever. The Gear Technology Certificate focuses on improving your understanding of the manufacturing process that brings gear design concepts to life. Create complete drawings of gears, develop advanced analysis skills, build your knowledge base of modern gear systems and much more. This certificate allows you to analyze and work through design challenges you currently face in your own projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate your functional knowledge of modern gear system design and analysis
  • Participate in group projects to strengthen hands-on design perspective
  • Formulate drawings that convey complete and unambiguous definitions of gears
  • Solve sets of design problems from your current projects
  • Identify the basic methods of analysis for each of the major design factors: wear, durability, scoring and strength
  • Summarize theory of gear tooth action and derive parameters as they are presented


To get started, enroll in one of two recommended foundations courses: Gear Technology Basics – Design Aspects or Gear Technology Basics – Application Aspects. Earn the certificate by completing 3 courses within two years.

For information on the course format, view the session information on the selected course page.

Gear Technology Basics – Application Aspects

9/17-9/19/2024 Live Online

Gear Technology Basics – Design Aspects$1525
PC Applications in Parallel Axis Gear System Design and Analysis

7/9-7/11/2024 Live Online


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