Business Administration Certificate

Making sound, informed decisions is key to a strong business foundation. The Business Administration Certificate is designed to build your business acumen whether you need to level-up on your existing skills or find yourself advancing in your career and tasked with decision-making that requires a business base. This “mini-MBA” develops your ability to create competitive operational strategies that are critical to an organization’s success by focusing on the core elements of a traditional MBA program:

  • Management ­– Foster your management skills by recognizing the difference between your discipline’s prowess and strategic leadership.
  • Finance ­– Remove some of the mystery behind finance as you gain the foundation to make sound assessments and business recommendations.
  • IT/MIS – Understand the essentials of statistics and “big data” applications and analysis that are vital to helping you make sound business decisions.
  • Marketing – Discover how marketing content strategy can effectively connect your business and stakeholder goals with your audiences’ needs, wants and expectations.

Work with instructors who use their valuable industry experience to help you gain business acumen and achieve measurable results for your organization … and your career.

Learning Outcomes

  • Generate your own definition of strategic leadership and the qualities you need to achieve it like personal competency and credibility
  • Comprehend fiduciary processes and enhance your ability to project your organization’s financial performance
  • Articulate your understanding of data essentials by determining bad data and what information needs are necessary to make sound business decisions
  • Recognize the importance of content strategy for reaching your audience by understanding your brand promise, personas and personality traits


To get started, sign up for any core course. Earn your certificate by completing all core courses and three electives within three years.

For information on the course format, view the session information on the selected course page.

CORE COURSESSummerFallSpringPrice
Building an Integrated Digital Content Strategy

9/11-9/16/2024 Live Online

4/30-5/5/2025 Live Online

Finance Skills for Nonfinancial Managers

10/7-10/8/2024 In-person

From Technical Expert to Strategic Leader

10/15-10/24/2024 Live Online

Using Data for Business Strategy and Decisions

3/6-3/7/2025 Live Online

AI Explained: Python in Machine Learning Foundations

10/22-10/23/2024 In-person

5/6-5/8/2025 Live Online

Building and Improving Project Team Functionality

12/4-12/5/2024 In-person

Email Marketing Best Practices

10/2-10/9/2024 Live Online

4/28-5/5/2025 Live Online

Influence Without Authority: Manage People and Projects Up, Down and Virtually

10/1/2024 Live Online

Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams

3/4-3/5/2025 Live Online

Practical HR: How to Navigate Employment Law Myths and Landmines

10/25/2024 Live Online

2/27/2025 Live Online

Setting a Foundation of Leadership

9/18-9/19/2024 In-person

2/10-2/13/2025 Live Online

Trauma-Informed Management

9/24/2024 In-person

Understanding Business Strategy: Decision-Making and Disruptive Thinking

12/9-12/10/2024 In-person With Livestream


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