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Emerging Leaders Certificate

Today’s ever-changing and uncertain business environment has placed complex demands on leaders. The result is a need for leadership capabilities beyond those used to succeed in the past. The Emerging Leaders Certificate develops your capacity to effectively lead your staff, team or organization and establish yourself as a skilled leader. Learn from our instructors who have real-world experience in the topics they teach to increase your value and affect positive change in your organization and career.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build a framework for sustainable leadership growth
  • Define and create a base of personal competency and credibility as a leader
  • Use the coaching methodology as a way to manage your staff and create a coaching plan that you can immediately implement in your workplace
  • Identify different communication styles and determine how to best communicate with others
  • Examine the importance of emotional intelligence and how it impacts your communication with others


To get started, enroll in a course from the list below. Earn the certificate by completing 5 core courses and 2 elective courses within three years.

For information on the course format, view the session information on the selected course page.

CORE COURSESFallSpringSummerPrice
Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

12/1-12/3 Live Online

6/15-6/17/2022 Live Online

Emotional Intelligence: Dealing With Difficult People, Including Yourself!

11/29-11/30 Live Online

6/1-6/2/2022 In-person

From Technical Expert to Strategic Leader

10/14-10/22 Live Online

5/5-5/13/2022 Live Online

Mastering Leadership – Breaking Through to Exceptional Effectiveness

11/15-11/16 Live Online

Take a Coach Approach: Increase Employee Engagement Remotely and Face-to-Face

9/29-10/7 Live Online

3/2-3/10/2022 Live Online

Building and Improving Project Team Functionality

10/19-10/20 Live Online

Creating Inclusive Leadership While Minimizing Unconscious Bias

11/1-11/10 Live Online

5/9-5/18/2022 Live Online

Finance Skills for Nonfinancial Managers

10/12-10/21 Live Online

4/12-4/13/2022 In-person

Influence Without Authority: Manage People and Projects Up, Down and Virtually

11/2-11/4 Live Online

4/26-4/28/2022 Live Online

Leading With Mindfulness

10/18-10/27 Live Online

6/7-6/16/2022 Live Online

Managing Change During Uncertain Times

2/18-2/25/2022 Live Online

Managing Virtual Staff and Teams

11/9-11/11 Live Online

4/19-4/21/2022 Live Online

Speaking and Presentation Skills for the Digital Age

10/12-10/26 Live Online

3/15-3/29/2022 Live Online

The Power of Positive Conflict ... Even When Working Remotely

11/17-11/18 Live Online

4/20-4/21/2022 Live Online

Unlocking the Secrets of Business Email Writing

11/2-11/4 Combined Online

6/20-6/22/2022 Combined Online


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