Creative Powerhouse Certificate

Creative marketing requires tools, techniques and talent that combine to produce promotional materials that drive customer action while leaving a lasting impression.

The Creative Powerhouse Certificate helps you discover the power of your creativity and unlock these creative techniques – grabbing and holding the attention of your target audiences. Whether you are part of the creative team in your organization or run your own start-up business, courses in this certificate support you on your creative journey.

  • The Adobe courses (Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop) enable you to harness key features of these applications designed to transform digital and print collateral into strong visual messaging.
  • Storytelling Films shows you how to identify and tell captivating stories that facilitate your brand as well as resonate with target markets.
  • Writing High-Impact Digital Copy allows you to learn, practice and present the art of crafting persuasive copy to be used in a variety of digital and print media.

To stay at the forefront of industry trends, new courses will be developed regularly to support your success in this changing landscape.

Learning Outcomes

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

  • Describe the fundamental features and uses of each Adobe application.
  • Explore key features of the respective application to modify existing digital and print documents to enhance impact and messaging as well as apply newly acquired skills to create images and documents from scratch.

Storytelling Films: How to Make an Emotional Connection With Your Audience Through Video

  • Understand how the right video story makes a strong connection with the audience and how it can positively impact product, service or brand.
  • Learn how to use a proven process in identifying a story in the creation of a compelling video for your brand.

Writing High-Impact Digital Copy

  • Master the writing techniques for crafting compelling headlines, engaging introductions, effective calls to action and persuasive language in the creation of digital copy that grabs and holds audience interest.


To earn the Creative Powerhouse Certificate, start with any course and take at least four courses.

Courses listed below may be taken individually without pursuing the certificate.

For information on the course format, view the session information on the selected course page.

Adobe Illustrator – Basics$374
Adobe InDesign – Basics$374
Adobe Photoshop Boot Camp

9/25-9/26/2024 Live Online

3/12-3/13/2025 Live Online

Storytelling Films: How to Make an Emotional Connection With Your Audience Through Video

10/7-10/14/2024 Live Online

5/12-5/19/2025 Live Online

Video Editing to Tell a Story

10/30/2024 In-person

Writing High-Impact Digital Copy

10/21-10/28/2024 Combined Online

3/31-4/7/2025 Combined Online


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