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Data Analysis Certificate

Data is the foundation of the digital age. With major increases in the amount of data being collected, new opportunities are always arising for individuals and teams to make data-informed decisions. Because of this, professionals who are comfortable working with data are invaluable to an organization’s success. The Data Analysis Certificate strengthens your ability to work with data through hands-on practice, small class sizes and instructor/student collaboration. Using both theoretical and practical approaches to data collection, data visualization, data prediction and data decisions, you develop your skills and use them to make data-informed choices within your organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the validity and quality of various data types
  • Translate complex data into easy-to-understand messages for different stakeholder groups
  • Select the right data tools to make effective data-informed decisions
  • Use data to create predictive models
  • Generate clear visual representations of your data
  • Identify privacy concerns for data collection and handling


To get started, sign up for the recommended first course, Data Foundations. Earn your certificate by completing all core courses and at least 2 electives.

For information on the course format, view the session information on the selected course page.

CORE COURSESSpringSummerFallPrice
Data Ethics

2/28 Live Online

Data Foundations
Recommended first course

1/31-2/27 Online

Microsoft Excel for Analytics

5/5-5/6 In-person

SQL – Introduction

3/17-3/18 Live Online

Storytelling With Data

5/9-5/10 In-person

Power BI – Introduction

3/7-3/14 Live Online

Python for Data Analysis

3/8-3/24 Live Online

Quality and Testing Foundations

5/4-5/6 Live Online

SQL – Intermediate/Advanced Concepts

4/25-5/2 In-person

Understanding Data in Organizations

2/7-2/9 Live Online

Using Data for Business Strategy and Decisions

5/16-5/18 Live Online

Using Predictive Analytics for Business

4/5-4/12 Live Online


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