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Data Ethics

It is the responsibility of the professional working with data to ensure the validity and quality of the data used in any analyses. Through this course, participants learn the power and responsibility that comes with researching, interpreting and communicating data and how the lack of respect for ethics in data can bring down any organization. Dig deeper into privacy concerns, regulatory data usage, data footprint development, artificial intelligence and the impact of data breaches.

This course can be applied to the Data Analysis Certificate.


Sherri Luckett, MS

Sherri Luckett, MS

Sherri Luckett is currently a business transformation manager with nearly 20 years of experience spanning the retail, banking and real estate sectors, all with an emphasis on data management, analytics and strategy management.  Sherri is passionate about deep analytics and ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to define and identify ethical concerns in data.
  • Be aware of the various data laws
  • Understand data governance in analytics
  • Apply such knowledge to ensure the validity of analytic interpretation

Course Outline/Topics

  1. What is ethics?
    1. Define ethics in data
    2. Usage in analytics
  2. Data regulations and compliance
    1. Introduction to various regulatory agencies and their functions
    2. Regulatory compliance applications
  3.  Privacy
    1. Data collection
    2. Data usage
    3. Data sharing
    4. Case study: Data behavior monitoring system
  4. Data governance
    1. What is data governance?
    2. Why is this important?
  5. Data breach impact
    1. Case study: Data security
  6.  Application
    1. Stay abreast of industry regulations
    2. Scrutinize data sources
    3. Proper interpretation of trends and statistics
    4. Consequences
    5. Class examples


"I really liked how the class was structured and that it was more interactive. Discussion and questions were welcomed throughout the entire class. The teacher was great."  —  Case Manager, 2018

"I liked that the instructor shared real time examples to give us a feel for the meaning and the context of the the terms and ideals."  —  Program and Policy Analyst, 2018

All sessions are Face-to-Face unless otherwise noted.

Date: Thu, May 14

Time: 8:30am-4:30pm

Location: UWM School of Continuing Education

Instructor: Sherri Luckett MS


$425 by Thu., Apr. 30.
$450 after Thu., Apr. 30.

CEUs: 0.7, PDCs: 7, PD Hours: 7

Enrollment Limit: 24

Program Number: 5027-11965

Registration Deadline: Thu., May 14

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