Problem-solving is the systematic process of an individual or a group recognizing and analyzing necessary information or issues to consider all possible factors to arrive at an acceptable solution. This online session walks you through various approaches.


Shirley Burks, M.A.

Shirley J. Burks holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in organizational management. Her educational background includes numerous professional development programs such as: Project Management, Essentials of Management Development Certificate, Faculty College (UWM), Microsoft Office User ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the systematic process of recognition and analysis necessary in problem analysis – including communication processes to improve creativity, defining roles, defining problems in different ways, and the limitations of your present style
  • Develop a clear and structured approach to problem-solving, and adapt all of the steps involved to work for you on an individual level

Course Outline/Topics

Organization of the Course
• Unit 1: Introduction
• Unit 2: Commonly Used Approaches
• Unit 3: Key Elements to Problem-Solving
• Unit 4: Getting Back to the Basics
• Unit 5: Stages to Solving a Problem
• Unit 6: Conclusion


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Instructor: Shirley Burks M.A.

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Note: This is a self-paced workshop. Students will have access for 30 days.

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