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Effective Employee Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Discuss critical human resource management issues. Improve your awareness regarding best practices in performance management systems, personnel policies and job designs. Strengthen your knowledge of legal, technical and practical issues, which is important for better controls, compliance and growth.

This workshop examines the managerial functions and organizational challenges of personnel management. You explore interpersonal communication methods that are important to the success of effective group and intergroup dynamics of your nonprofit organization.

This course can be applied to the Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the reasons why you as a nonprofit supervisor should use an effective performance management system
  • Identify the components of a high-quality performance management system and its relevance to your nonprofit organization
  • Learn the benefits of instituting a good performance management system in your nonprofit organization that incorporates better controls, appropriate personnel actions, competent employees and compliance with regulations
  • Understand the importance of employee motivation, coaching and counseling throughout your nonprofit organization
  • Describe new techniques for nonprofit job design and staff development that can avoid burnout, reduce turnover and sustain commitment to the nonprofit employer and nonprofit sector

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