Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management

In conjunction with the Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management

Set yourself up for success with a certificate in nonprofit management. It opens doors for career development, new opportunities and advanced skills in the nonprofit sector.

The nonprofit management certificate is for those who seek training other than a master’s degree program or a credit-based graduate certificate. It’s essential for leadership positions within a nonprofit organization, such as program administrators, directors and board members.

The broad-based curriculum includes 14 key areas that make a nonprofit run successfully, such as human resources development, oversight and ethics, planning and programming, economics and finances, and external relations. Sharpening your skills in these areas will help you improve processes within your organization in addition to productivity and efficiency.

The nonprofit sector is always evolving and we are constantly adjusting to meet the changing demands of this field. Our course library is a direct reflection of that. With topics spanning revenue development, legal concepts, ethics and more, you’ll find all the classes you need to find success in this field.

Single courses may be taken without the pursuit of the certificate.

Who Should Attend

As a nonprofit professional or volunteer committed to developing knowledge and leadership skills (and not currently seeking a master’s degree or graduate-level certificate), the Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management hones your effectiveness and efficiency.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the principles of financial management and apply these fundamentals to your budgeting practices.
  • Develop leadership skills and effective approaches to lead a team.
  • Examine board development, ethical/moral issues and approaches while exploring legal frameworks specific to nonprofit operations.
  • Learn evaluation techniques, develop strategic plans, and assess your organization’s values, culture and operational procedures.

Curriculum Requirements

Earn the certificate by completing 14 courses within 2 years.