Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit organizations are constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of the populations they serve as well as their stakeholders’ needs. While often utilizing the same tools and practices of the private sector, nonprofits emphasize mission-driven work. The Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management focuses on 14 key areas that successful nonprofit organizations depend on. Our specific curriculum sharpens your skills and helps you improve the productivity, efficiency and processes within your organization. With topics spanning revenue development, legal concepts, ethics and more, our courses offer something valuable for every nonprofit professional. These skills are essential for community leaders, program administrators, executive directors, board members and volunteers in nonprofit organizations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate a strategy of change to meet the needs of the community you serve
  • Integrate principles of financial management into your budgeting practices
  • Modify strategic plans to better align the mission and vision of your nonprofit
  • Identify ethical issues and connect them to nonprofit values associated with your organization
  • Define the legal framework for nonprofits and identify necessary operational regulations
  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit boards
  • Apply real-life case studies to marketing, fundraising and governance practices


To get started, enroll in any one of the 14 courses. Earn the certificate by completing all 14 courses within two years.

For information on the course format, view the session information on the selected course page.

Creative Nonprofit Leadership

8/7/2024 Live Online

Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Nonprofit Organization

11/20/2024 Live Online

Effective Employee Management for Nonprofit Organizations

12/4/2024 Live Online

Ethics and Values in the Nonprofit Sector

8/21/2024 Live Online

Financial Management Within the Nonprofit Sector, Parts 1 & 2

7/10-7/11/2024 Live Online

Fundraising and Revenue Development for Nonprofits

12/18/2024 Live Online

Inclusion Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

9/25/2024 Live Online

Legal Concepts Essential for Nonprofit Organizations

11/6/2024 Live Online

Legislative Relations for Nonprofit Managers

9/11/2024 Live Online

Nonprofit Boards and Governance

6/19/2024 Live Online

1/22/2025 Live Online

Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Strategies

1/8/2025 Live Online

Nonprofit Organization Development and Analysis

10/9/2024 Live Online

Program Performance Measurement and Evaluation for Nonprofits

10/23/2024 Live Online

Valuable Volunteer Management Tools for Nonprofit Organizations

7/24/2024 Live Online

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