Nonprofit Organization Development and Analysis

As the leader, you are responsible for assuring that your organization adapts internally to changing times. Learn to assess, introduce and implement change that is successfully incorporated into the organization’s values, culture and operations.

Organization development (OD) is an organization’s ability to improve itself while maintaining its effectiveness. Managers are often the organization’s leaders and change agents, assuring that it adapts internally to changing times and external forces. This workshop reviews the techniques and approaches that can be used to strengthen organizations as they prepare for and adapt to change.

This course can be applied to the Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the key components of organization development
  • Identify the different types of organizational change that may affect your nonprofit organization
  • Learn various approaches to lead change
  • Explore the nature and reasons for change and for resistance to change
  • Create a checklist to insure a successful change process to develop your nonprofit’s adaptability for future achievement
  • Develop a change strategy to be used within your organization
  • Include diversity consideration in your change plan and the impact of diversity on change
  • Identify the methods of effectively communicating change
  • Explore demographic change and its impact

Dates and locations to be announced.


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