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Mission Statement and Departmental Values

Mission Statement

Programming facilitated by the Residence Life team must be well planned, thought-out, and include learning outcomes for student development. University Housing aims to provide opportunities for residential students to learn outside of the classroom as well. Below are just a few different learning areas that we focus on.

Cultural Understanding
Cultural understanding speaks to learning and living with people that have different values, backgrounds and opinions than one’s own.

Leadership Skills
Developing leadership skills takes getting involved in campus life and activities. University Housing aims to not only provide leadership opportunities but events and programs that help students understand personal leadership styles.

Academic Success
University Housing is dedicated to encourage academic success in all residential students. Through providing academic resources to programs based around academics, University Housing works to support the college educational experience.

Social Connections
Residence Life aims to provide opportunities for college students to be SOCIAL. This involves, programming planned on the evenings and weekends that encourage students to get to know one another.

Social Responsibility
Taking responsibility for personal decisions and actions is another important area for learning in the C.L.A.S.S. model. Social responsibility speaks to the importance of understanding how personal decisions impact not only the individual but oftentimes also the community.

University Housing Values

  • Inclusivity
  • Community
  • Adaptability
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence

For more information on the University Housing Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Planning Process, visit

Living Learning Communities

Each year we evaluate the student need, professional staff capacity, and outcomes of the LLC and adapt the experience and options for LLCs that are provided. We typically range from 15-22 LLCs. If you are a live-in staff member, it is likely you would work with one or more of the LLCs!

Living Learning Communities Example

American Sign Language
This LLC focuses on American Sign Language & Deaf Culture. The community is for anyone interested in or learning ASL or Deaf Culture, including but not limited to ASL Studies, interpreter Training Program, or ASL World Languages majors and minors.

Architecture Design
This LLC is a second-year focused community that helps students learn about Architecture. Students in the community are BSAS degree-seeking students.

Architecture Sustainability
This LLC is a first-year focused community that helps students learn about Architecture. Students in the community are BSAS degree-seeking students.

Art & Design
This LLC is for Art & Design, Art Education, and Inter-Arts (with a focus in Art & Design) majors. It is a creative and collaborative community.

Community Engagement & Leadership
This LLC focuses on community service, giving back, and creating strong leaders. It is great for anyone in a helping profession or who like to volunteer in the community.

Cultures & Communities
This LLC encompasses everyone interested in learning about different cultures, and is a combination of the former Social Justice LLC, U1.0 First Generation LLC, and MKE Scholars LLC. It will have a variety of majors, including Women & Gender Studies, Africology, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, etc.

Early Childhood Teacher Education
This LLC is for aspiring teachers majoring in Early Childhood Education. It focuses on exploring early childhood education and the teaching profession.

Engineering House for CEAS Majors
This LLC is for any Engineering Major and will have students studying Industrial, Mechanical, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering. This LLC has a fun tradition, the Engineering Olympics.

Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres
This LLC is for Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres majors. Each year they have a 24 hour film festival, as well as multiple smaller fun projects students work on together.

Health Professions
This LLC is for Nursing majors and those in the College of Health Sciences. It is a close-knit community that helps educate students on options for working in the field of health professions, as well as start early collaboration amongst students and different majors.

Honors House 1 (HH1)
This LLC is for students who have been admitted to the Honors College. They can be any major, but must be in good standing with the Honors College. It is an active community that is often out in the lounge!

Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies (JAMS)
This LLC is for JAMS majors and focuses on learning about the field. They do interactive events like touring a news station.

Local 2 Global
This LLC is for open to anyone interested in global or international affairs. Many International Affairs, International Studies, Global Studies, or Language majors will live in the community, but those interested in global politics or human rights will also be present.

Outdoor Recreation
This LLC is for anyone interested in getting outside or the wilderness. Conservation and Environmental Science, Biology, and Geoscience majors, ROTC and former military individuals, as well as those interested in camping, rock climbing, kayaking, and outdoor skills will be in this community.

Performing Arts
This LLC is for admitted Music, Dance, and Theatre majors. It focuses on performance arts being a major instead of a hobby, and bridges the gap between areas of PECK that will commonly work together in the real world.

The Transfer LLC is for any student transferring to UWM. It is a great place for students to live with others going through a similar experience – it’s not their first time ever at college, but it’s their first time at UWM.

Learn more about Living Learning Communities at UWM.

UWM Students

UWM Student Population – Quick Facts

  • There are over 27,000 students.
  • UWM is the most diverse school in the University of Wisconsin system. Approximately 82% of our campus population are Wisconsin residents – many from the Milwaukee area, and around 40% are first-generation.
  • UWM is Research 1 AND Access Institution.
  • UWM has 4.5 stars from Campus Pride as an LGBT-Friendly Campus, and we were the first UW school to have Inclusive Housing.

What are students like?

There isn’t just one type of student at UWM, which is something we really appreciate! We have students from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. Many come to UWM to be surrounded by the city of Milwaukee while it feels like they live in a small college town. Students who come to UWM are often students looking for experiences, whether that’s in the halls, on campus, or in the community. They work hard, want to make connections, and enjoy their UWM experience.

What are student staff like?

Student staff at UWM are passionate, vibrant, and hard working. They care about the experiences of the students they serve, and will do anything to help anyone in need. They are incredibly dedicated to the UWM experience and want everyone to enjoy their time at UWM and in the residence halls. Student staff are dedicated, energetic, and enjoyable to be around. Supervising student staff is one of the best parts of being an RLC!

Housing Student Organizations
Each residence life professional staff member advises one of Housing’s student organizations. These organizations focus on building community, providing practical leadership experience, and acting as the student voice within Housing. As an RLC, this is an area where you can have lots of ownership and positive student connections.

A $20 Student Activity Fee is collected by all students living in the residence halls each semester, which funds the programmatic efforts within residence life. This has allowed for creative, engaging, fun, and educational student-focused opportunities run by students, student staff, and professional staff, for students. We have had large-scale events like comedians, hypnotists, spoken-word artists, accessibility-advocate speakers, build-your-own stuffed animals, bubble ball soccer, and also the more traditional paint and sip nights, open mic and karaoke events, gaming events, and craft nights.

The UWM Student Housing Administrative Council (SHAC/RHA) and National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) are part of the GLACURH region and affiliated with NACURH. Advisors do have the opportunity to advise regional and national delegations, as well as RA conferences. UWM is proud of our recent history in increasing conference engagement and winning regional and national awards.

Find out about our organizations:

Resident Handbook and Behavior Process

The University Housing Resident Behavior Process is a part of community development within the residence halls and apartments at UWM. Members of a community have both rights and responsibilities. Inherent to the success of the University Housing Resident Behavior Process is an awareness of all residents of the need to acknowledge their responsibility for their behavior and how it affects the community in which they live.

Primary emphasis is placed on the educational and developmental progress of the resident and is part of the educational mission of the University. Increased understanding of self and others has the strongest potential for educational impact.

For more information on the University Housing Behavior Process rules and regulations, please see the Resident Handbook. The handbook and policies are reviewed by professional staff and the Student Housing Administrative Council on a yearly basis.

Our policy and procedure guide is applicable to all University Housing buildings, and is updated annually.

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