The 650/850 (un)making the museum studio uses the exhibition as a vehicle to question and provoke issues relevant to architecture, culture and society. Architecture as a discipline unites formal and social issues in the construction of cities, buildings, spaces, and experiences. Using the museum collection as a context in which to research, question and construct narratives, students are provided an opportunity to exploit the connection between pleasure and necessity as they relate to objects (collection), installation (form + materials) and culture (society).

This exhibition of a red ball, the 2nd 2-week charrette of the studio, will link object, space and experience together into the palpable present, one in which the artifact (installation) is itself ephemeral, thereby highlighting that condition of space/time/experience, and necessarily limiting the onerous expectations in making a building, or anything of permanence. Student ideas are realized at full-scale with all of its attendant risks and rewards.