XR Labs

Did you know that depending on the level of virtual reality immersion you can achieve impressive experiences in the visual and auditory perception in tours of architecture and art projects? Did you know that Extended Reality (XR) is being one of the most efficient tools in education at all its scales?

SARUP has XR Lab in AUP327 for students.

SARUP offers course work and workshops in XR for those that want to learn and expand their skills in XR for Architecture.

SARUP XR has developed the SARUP Virtual Campus is collaborative project carried out by UWM, Findorff and Pluris XR.

SARUP Virtual Campus is an optimistic call for free technology implementation at the service of academia and the community. With SARUP Virtual format, new discussion spaces are generated in interactive multi-user virtual environments (MUVEs) that allow reviews in real time inside the 3D models designed by students or professionals as well as virtual classes and lectures in the SARUP MUVE.

Our Virtual Campus is constituted by a system of VR and AR platforms that establish different modes of interactivity, asynchronous and remote visualization as well as different levels of immersivity in synchronous and remote design reviews in real time. SARUP Virtual Campus is composed by five XR platforms. Each platform is directed to specific scenarios and audiences. The platforms used are: Enscape, Roundme, Kubity Go, Twin Motion and AltspaceVR. You can visit the SARUP building and take virtual tours with a high level of realism and graphic quality as well as fully immersion by entering in the SARUP Enscape model using a VR Headset. With this VR output format, you will be able to visualize the SARUP facilities and the spaces at the service of the academy and the community.

Want to learn more about SARUP Virtual Campus.

Questions about SARUP XR labs – please contact sarup-xr@uwm.edu