Architecture Program Mission

The Department of Architecture remains steadfastly committed to a tectonic conception of architectural practice. Students learn how to put a building together and how to derive formal poetics from constructive assembly. This passionate commitment to conventional tectonics is complemented and challenged by many avenues of experimentation and research that confront professional norms. Elective courses propose alternative practices and theories for architecture by speculating on thermodynamic form, cultural geography, performative envelopes, digital prototyping, and new ecological and programmatic compositions for water management. Sponsored studios leverage expertise from the professional community in unique partnerships that benefit students and also have an impact on the community and region–in many cases through constructed works.

Maximum curriculum choice is considered a hallmark of the architecture curriculum at UWM. After completing the core educational requirements, students are able to construct an educational path from a wide array of elective seminars, independent study, research assistantships, and studios that best suits their personal values and aspirations. Our goal is for students to be committed to architecture as a form of disciplinary inquiry that is compositionally ambitious, technically provocative, and to continually reinvent professional ethics and beauty.

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP) has students with a passion for their chosen field, accomplished and dedicated faculty and alumni, who work tirelessly to provide the best experience to those they are mentoring. Students at SARUP have the benefit of attending a small and strong school, with individual attention and guidance, within an urban campus and a culturally vibrant city.

A message from Dean Bob Greenstreet

Where can I learn more about the profession?

ARCH Careers

NCARB – National Council of Architectural Registration Boards – Becoming an Architect

NAAB – National Architecture Accrediting Board – Careers in Architecture

AIAS – American Institute of Architecture Students – SARUP has its own student chapter.