UWM is cost-competitive even for out-of-state applicants and particularly if you are applying as a student from a state participating in the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP). Check UWM’s cost and aid page for the most up-to-date information. Also, to determine if you qualify for in-state tuition rates, check how residency is determined.

NOTE: Top out-of-state M.Arch graduate applicants may be eligible to receive in-state tuition, thanks to a program that allows SARUP to award in-state tuition to a limited number of M.Arch students from outside of Wisconsin each year. All new out-of-state M.Arch applicants will be automatically considered for this merit-based tuition reduction.

Additional Fees
A $10 per credit Instructional Technology fee is assessed for any online or hybrid class in addition to the Segregated Fee.

In addition to the amounts above, differential tuition is charged for students enrolled in Department of Architecture courses. The differential tuition fees are set at $11.55 per credit for all courses at the 100-level, and $43.00 per credit for all courses the 200- through 800-level. Differential tuition enhances the quality of education in the School of Architecture & Urban Planning.

The BArch degree tuition is the same as the UWM undergraduate tuition rate except for the fifth year of the degree. During the fifth year, tuition is charged at the undergraduate rate plus an additional $750 assessed each of two semesters for a maximum additional total of $1500. This occurs only during the fifth year of the BArch degree. The fees are assessed for ARCH 520 and ARCH 581. For the majority of students, ARCH 520 is taken in the fall semester and ARCH 581 is taken in the spring semester of the fifth year.

You can apply for financial aid (including filing your FAFSA) through the UWM financial aid site. A number of scholarships are available for students as well; apply for these via the UWM Scholarship Portal. Additional sources of funding are available to graduate students in the form of fellowships, travel awards, and teaching assistantships.