Transfer Students Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at UW-Milwaukee. Potential Transfer Students are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for assistance in the transfer process. Please call (414) 229-4015 or email Emily Zahasky at to arrange for an in-person or phone appointment.

Priority Application Deadline: April 1 (fall admission), November 1 (spring admission)

Complete the UW System Application online at:
Applications not complete by the deadline or not meeting the admission criteria will be considered on a space available basis.


H.S. Diploma or equivalent

4 English (including at least 3 years literature and composition)
3 Math (college prep courses at or above algebra level)
3 Science (including at least 1 year lab science)
3 History/Social Science
2 Additional academic courses (at least 2 years of a foreign language strongly recommended)
2 Other (from above, computer science, fine arts or other appropriate courses)


Typically, students who are admitted as architecture students meet the following academic credentials:



Performance on standardized tests, grade point average, and class rank is only a portion of the admission decision. Other factors include your applicant statements, rigor of high school curriculum, letters of recommendations and extra-curricular activities.


Students need to provide a transcript and syllabi for architecture classes already taken so that an advisor can review college-level courses for Department of Architecture equivalents. Your transcript will be reviewed by advising staff for course equivalencies or deficiencies in order to provide you with a curriculum path towards architecture degree requirements. Where clarification about courses is needed, you may be asked to provide syllabi. Final approval of course placement or exceptions is made by the Undergraduate Committee.


A portfolio is required for correct placement into the core studio sequence.

The portfolio should show evidence of interest in design as well as critical and independent thinking, and should be carefully conceived, curated, well designed, neatly prepared, and easily readable. Design your portfolio for digital review rather than submitting an electronic version of your printed portfolio.
For successful submission, the portfolio:
  • Must be no larger than 15 MB. Any portfolio over 15 MB will not be accepted.
  • Must be a PDF file. We do not accept any other file types.
  • Format your portfolio for view on a computer screen, as it will be reviewed digitally.
  • Do not include photos of yourself, or your Social Security Number.
  • Include a cover page with your first and last name and the undergraduate program (BSAS) you are applying to (e.g., Jane Doe, BSAS).

To submit a portfolio of work for review, send the above items to If you have questions, please contact 414-229-4015 to speak with an advisor.


The application form includes two applicant statements intended to help us learn more about you beyond your test results and high school record. The first asks about your life experiences and the impact you will have at UWM. The second asks for a more general personal statement, or the opportunity to explain circumstances that might have affected your academic performance in high school. It is important that you respond to both. While letters of recommendation are not required, if you choose to submit one or two for consideration, please be sure that the letter addresses your academic ability and potential for success at UWM.