Afternoon with Architects & Planners 2020
This event originally scheduled for March 23rd has been postponed. Please refer back to this page for scheduling and format updates.

Architecture & Urban Planning graduate students are closely connected to SARUP’s hometown, Milwaukee. It’s where many of our current students live. It’s where many of our alumni launched or lead design firms and planning agencies revitalizing the region today. It’s where our faculty engage in funded research projects and community partnerships to reconsider how urban communities will thrive as the 21st century advances. Also, Milwaukee is fun.

We strongly recommend visiting the school and the city as part of your decision-making process. Faculty and advisors are available to meet prospective and future students year-round.

Afternoon with Architects & Planners
Your tour might coincide with one of our regularly scheduled school events, or you can reserve a spot in our Afternoon with Architects & Planners, a dedicated (half) day of tours, talks and course previews for prospective and incoming graduate students.

Schedule: Afternoon with Architects
1:00 pm
Tea & Bikkies* Mixer with graduate students. Tea & Bikkies is a weekly social event at the School that typically includes informal presentations about architecture and urban planning related issues in Milwaukee, study abroad opportunities, student presentations, or other SARUP happenings. (*Bikkies is British for cookies)

1:30 pm
Chat with Associate Professor Mo Zell, Chair, Department of Architecture
“MKE as a place of Opportunity + Curriculum + Concentrations”

2:00 pm
Chat about Research with Assistant Professor Nikole Bouchard

2:20 pm
Chat about Community and Engagement opportunities with Associate Professor Arijit Sen

2:40 PM
Chat about Research and Practice with Associate Professor Chris Cornelius

3:00 pm
Chat about Practice with Associate Professor Jim Shields

3:20 pm
Chat about the Teaching Fellowship with Urban Edge Fellow José Ibarra

4:00 pm
Milwaukee BIKE TOUR with Associate Professor of Urban Planning Bob Schneider and Professor of Architecture Mark Keane

5:30 pm
Reception with Dean Nancy Frank in the SARUP Gallery

Schedule: Afternoon with Planners
1:00-1:30 pm Welcome and registration

1:30-2:30 pm Meeting with the faculty
· Curriculum overview
· Funding for graduate study
· Milwaukee as a place to live and learn
· Urban Planning at SARUP – assets, advantages and more

2:30-3:00 pm Meeting with current urban planning students

3:00-4:00 pm Classroom conversations

4:00-5:00 pm Milwaukee BIKE TOUR with Associate Professor of Urban Planning Bob Schneider

5:30 pm Reception with Dean Nancy Frank in the SARUP Gallery


Register Here by March 18, 2020

Architecture & Urban Planning Building (AUP)
Our home base in Milwaukee, the university’s Architecture & Urban Planning (AUP) building is a vibrant ecosystem of makers, leaders, designers and doers. Every student finds a design niche in one the school’s studio spaces. Our robust speaker series and in-house gallery bring design experts to SARUP from around the region and world. Our Friday tradition, TEA + BIKKIES, is fun, informal and informative. We’re excited to welcome back 300+ alumni for our fiftieth anniversary weekend in April 2020.

Research & Reach Out
Applying to an M.Arch and/or an MUP program is a significant step for any emerging scholar/designer, whether you’re enrolling in your neighborhood university or relocating for graduate school. Take the time you need to review our site, request more information or plan a visit. For detailed inquiries, our graduate studies advisor Joan Simuncak and architecture program chair and associate professor Mo Zell are here to answer your questions.