Join us for a virtual open house to learn about our Master’s Degree programs. This event is open to all students and graduates interested in pursuing a professional or post-professional degree at UWM-SARUP. The event will feature program highlights from our exceptional architecture and urban planning faculty and award-winning alumni, conversations with the department chair, a virtual tour of our facilities and – best of all – a candid conversation with our current students.


An additional opportunity to connect with your program(s) of interest and learn about Graduate School resources. The event will feature a welcome message from the Dean of the Graduate School and an information session on “How to apply to graduate school”. Following the session, you will join a presentation from your program of interest. BONUS: The Graduate School will pay the application fee for all applicants who register for, and attend this event for their program of interest, and begin their application on or after October 19, 2020. Please see Fee Waiver Instructions for complete details. Register now to be eligible for an application fee waiver and to receive information about the event. You must register to receive the Microsoft Teams Live event link to attend your specific session(s). You may attend more than one session if you are interested in multiple programs.

Architecture & Urban Planning Building (AUP)

Our home base in Milwaukee, the university’s Architecture & Urban Planning (AUP) building is a vibrant ecosystem of makers, leaders, designers and doers. Every student finds a design niche in one the school’s studio spaces. Our robust speaker series and in-house gallery bring design experts to SARUP from around the region and world. Our Friday tradition, TEA + BIKKIES, is fun, informal and informative.

Research & Reach Out

Applying to an M.Arch and/or an MUP program is a significant step for any emerging scholar/designer, whether you’re enrolling in your neighborhood university or relocating for graduate school. Take the time you need to review our site, request more information or plan a visit. For detailed inquiries, our graduate studies advisor Joan Simuncak, architecture program chair Professor Mo Zell and urban planning program chair Ivy Hu are here to answer your questions.