Undergraduate Courses

140 Issues In Contemporary Urban Planning
141 Urban Planning Solutions to Contemporary Urban Problems
315 Great Cities of the World: Their Growth and Guided Urbanization
316 Planning for Great American Cities
350 Social Justice, Urban Planning and the New Urban America
591 Introduction to Urban GIS for Planning
630 Budgeting and Finance in the Public Sector
651 Land Use Planning Practice
655 Negotiation Theory and Practice for Urban Planners
662 Public Sector Influence on Real Estate Development
684 Planning Local Economic Development

692 Special Topics

Inclusive Design: Service Learning
Race, Class and the Just City

Graduate Courses

701 Introduction to Land Use Planning
702 Introduction to Planning Law
711 Planning Theories and Practice
720 Urban Development Theory and Planning
721 Applied Planning Methods
740 Data Analysis Methods
751 Introduction to Urban Design and Physical Planning
762 Housing Markets and Public Policy
771 Transportation Policy and Planning
772 Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation
791 Introduction to Urban GIS for Planning
792 Using Urban Geographic Systems for Planning
793 Applied Projects in Urban Geographic Information Systems
794 Internet Geographic Information Systems
810 Planning Policy Analysis
811 Applied Planning Workshop
857 Urban Design as Public Policy
858 Studio in Urban Design and Physical Planning – Creating Vibrant Neighborhoods
880 Challenges to Urban Sustainability
990 Graduate Thesis
991 Legislative/Administrative Agency Internship
992 Seminar in Urban Design – Creating Vibrant Neighborhoods