Why earn the dual Masters’ degree?

Transportation Engineering and Urban Planning are closely related fields. Transportation engineering deals with the planning, design, construction, and operation of transportation systems. Urban planning is concerned with broader issues that are related with transportation, including land use, housing, environment, economic development, urban design, and other social and political issues at the local, region, state and national level. Transportation engineers and planners need to address complex and interconnected issues, which require engineers to understand planning and planners to grasp engineering skills. Students trained in both fields are in high demand.

The dual degree program in transportation engineering and urban planning allows a student to earn two masters degrees after completing a minimum of 54 Credits (typically 2 ½ years). If a student were to earn those master degrees separately, a minimum of 78 credits would be required.

How does the process work?

Application Process
M.S. in Civil Engineering
Master of Urban Planning

Who are the primary faculty?

Civil Engineering Department
Xiao Qin

Urban Planning Department
Robert Schneider

Student Work and Opportunities

Center for Urban Transportation Studies