Priority Application Deadline

January 15 (fall admission only)

Application For Admission

Complete the UWM Panthera Graduate Admission Application. Your reasons statement should reflect why you are interested in pursuing this particular program and how your career interests fit with the degree. The statement should include:

  • Your proposed area of investigation.
  • A clear description of your intentions.
  • Why you believe the program is appropriate for your course of study.
  • How your proposed area of study fits with architecture faculty interest areas.

Admission Requirements

  1. Academic Background

    Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale). Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

  2. Tests

    The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is not required. If applicants believe that making GRE scores available to the admissions and awards process would provide additional information that would buttress their record in light of previous academic performance, GRE scores would be considered in that context.

    International applicants are required to submit test results from the TOEFL or IELTS Minimum score requirements: TOEFL: 100(iBT); IELTS: 7.0 Institution Code: 1473. Applicants with TOEFL scores from 79-99 iBT, or an IELTS score of 6.5 may be considered for admission with the stipulation that further coursework in English be taken. Additional specific information for international applicants can be found at the Center for International Education website.

  3. Resume, Curriculum Vitae, or Biographical Statement

    1-2 pages (500-1000 words total), including your educational background, work/research experience, publications/projects completed, and any recognitions/awards received.

  4. Letters of Recommendation

    Three letters of recommendation from people familiar with your academic and/or professional work. As part of UWM’s Panthera online application system, you will be able to send a request directly to your reference(s). The individual letter of recommendation can then be uploaded by your recommender directly into your online application.

  5. Portfolio

    All applicants are required to submit an electronic portfolio. This can include examples of professional work, design work, research, teaching, and/or other work relevant to advanced research. The portfolio should be carefully conceived, well designed, neatly prepared, and easily readable digitally. Please design your portfolio for digital review rather than submitting an electronic version of your printed portfolio.

    For successful submission, the portfolio

    • Must be no larger than 15 MB. Any portfolio over 15 MB will not be accepted.
    • Must be a pdf file. We do not accept any other file types.
    • Format your portfolio for view on a computer screen, as it will be reviewed digitally.
    • Do not include photos of yourself, or your Social Security Number.
    • Include a cover page with your first and last name, and the program you are applying to (e.g., John Smith, MS Arch).

Apply and upload required materials on the UWM Panthera Graduate Admission Application.