Value, Vision, Diversity

The Master of Architecture I (M.Arch I) is a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) that prepares students to become licensed architects. But more than this, our M.Arch I program develops innovative designers, thinkers and leaders in fields like architecture, ecological design & sustainability, urban design, design & construction, community development and more in Milwaukee and beyond. We currently offer two tracks in our M.Arch I program, for students with and without pre-professional undergraduate degrees.

Students enroll in our M.Arch programs from diverse professional, educational, and personal backgrounds and we value and support that diversity at SARUP. Our commitment to value is interconnected with our commitment to equity: we participate in the Midwest Student Exchange and Minnesota Reciprocity programs to offer accessible, affordable graduate education in architecture to as many students as possible. Top out-of-state graduate applicants may be eligible to receive in-state tuition, thanks to a program that allows SARUP to offer a merit-based in-state tuition award to a limited number of M.Arch students from outside of Wisconsin each year. All new out-of-state applicants will be automatically considered.

M.Arch graduates leave the School of Architecture & Urban Planning with a degree, industry connections, critical/creative-thinking skills, and a design portfolio that makes them top employment prospects in a rapidly changing and expanding profession.

M.Arch I, 2-year or 3-year track: Which program is right for you?
  • M. Arch I, 2-year: For students with a pre-professional undergraduate degree in architecture, the 2-year track requires 60 credits and two years of study.
  • M. Arch I, 3-year: For students with an undergraduate degree in any other field – examples include geography, film, engineering, mathematics, visual arts, psychology, business – the 3-year track requires 90 credits and three years of study.
Research & Reach Out
Applying to an M.Arch program is a significant step for any emerging designer, whether you’re enrolling in your neighborhood university or relocating for graduate school. Take the time you need to review our site, request more information or plan a visit.

For detailed inquiries, our graduate studies advisor Tammy Taylor and architecture program chair and associate professor Karl Wallick are here to answer your questions.