Central to the School of Architecture and Urban Planning’s educational philosophy is the fundamental principle that excellence in design and research involves direct and extended interaction with design professionals and culture.

Design Intelligence has described the School’s program as “an amazing symbiosis between practice and education.”

The sponsored studio program is based on a mutually beneficial, multi-year arrangement between SARUP and the business partner. Two such studios, the IP BIM Studio, coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Gil Snyder in collaboration with Eppstein Uhen Architects, and the Workshop Studio conducted by Assoc. Prof. Brian Schermer in conjunction with Workshop Architects, have received NCARB Prizes for their integration of practice and the academy. Students from a number of sponsored studios consistently participate in a variety of national and international competitions resulting in a host of awards and opportunities.

Marcus Prize Studio
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Architecture & Urban Planning, through the vision and generosity of Milwaukee’s Marcus Corporation Foundation, has initiated a biennial, international architectural prize to recognize the talent and achievements of emerging architects, in the early stages of their career. The award honors architects for their outstanding work to date—as well as their promise of greatness in the future. Learn more…
Urban Edge Studio
The UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning introduced the biennial Urban Edge Award in 2006. Modeled after the successful Marcus Prize for emerging architects, and supported by the Wisconsin Preservation Fund and the law firm of Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren, the Urban Edge Award recognizes excellence in urban design and the ability of individuals to create major, positive change within the public realm. This award honors an internationally recognized design professional who brings fresh, innovative, and effective thinking to the field of urban design. Learn more…
Inner Harbor Studio
Brico Fund

The vision of The Brico Fund is to create effective, innovative systemic change that results in changed attitudes, behaviors and policies. Guided by the values of interdependence, fairness, and equality, The Brico Fund aims to secure full participation in society for women and girls, to sustain our natural environment and to promote a just and equitable society, and to support the cultural and community organizations that enhance the quality of life in Milwaukee.

645-845 Urban Design
Instructor: Professor James Wasley

The Inner Harbor studio aimed at advancing knowledge across the spectrum of ecological architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, all focused on identifying catalytic potentials for the redevelopment of Milwaukee’s Inner Harbor. This project served as an unprecedented two year, SARUP-wide collaborative effort with the goal of providing a forum for students, faculty, business owners, elected officials, and the general public to envision the future of Milwaukee’s industrial waterfront together.

Masonry Studio
Wisconsin Masonry
Industry Partners
District Council Mason Contractors Association of MKE
International Masonry Institute
International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers
Wisconsin Masonry Alliance

This strategic alliance of masonry professionals who provide designers, architects and engineers with the tools and knowledge to become proficient in the design of various masonry systems have come together to provide SARUP students with an enviable opportunity to work with the best in master craftsmen and professionals in the field.

410 Architectural Design I
Instructor: Associate Professor James Shields

Funded by Masonry Institute partners, the studio explores basic issues: clients’ needs, site planning, masonry construction, and safety. Special lectures, construction of masonry mock-ups, expert studio advisors, support for students to attend masonry camp, and a range of other events and activities engaged students through the semester.

BIM Studio
Eppstein Uhen Architects

Founded in 1907, Milwaukee-based EUA has grown to be one of Wisconsin’s largest and most diverse architectural practices. Best known for pairing inspired design with exceptional client service, the firm demonstrates unparalleled commitment to its markets, its community, and its clients. The award-winning architecture firm offers a complete range of services throughout the Midwest and the US.

615-815 Technology
Instructor: Associate Professor Gil Snyder

Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) first sponsored the Integrated Practice/Building Information Modeling (BIM) Studio at SARUP during the Fall 2007 semester. The program is unique in that it combined both IPD and BIM into its design studio curriculum, introducing Revit® BIM software to architecture students. This studio was awarded an NCARB Prize for Creative Integration of Practice and Education in the Academy.

Chicago Studio

Haworth combines science and design principles to create customer-centric solutions for workplace interiors. Their research and workspace knowledge align with product development and space utilization to help improve performance and maximize return on investment.

633-833 Chicago Design Critic
Instructor: Professor Neil Frankel

The Chicago Studio was a major program originally conducted by Neil Frankel, FAIA, the inaugural holder of the Fitzhugh Scott Chair. It provides a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to interact with leading architects, broadening the overall knowledge-base of design that is highly effective, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomically appropriate and sustainable. Students participating in the one-semester studio are afforded the opportunity to live and study in Chicago.
The studio encourages the participants to use social research to define unconventional, user-focused features for their projects. This experience helps graduates attain positions in prestigious architectural firms across the country.

Urban Sustainability Studio
Jones Lang LaSalle

JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) is a financial and professional services firm that specializes in commercial real estate services and investment management. In a complex world that is constantly changing, JLL is committed to helping clients understand and navigate the intricacies of commercial real estate.

636-836 Form and Composition
Instructor: Assistant Professor Kyle Reynolds

The “High Rise Adaptive Reuse” studio encourages students to create an innovative design for an existing Jones Lang LaSalle structure in Chicago, while exploring high-performance building envelopes and programmatic strategies for adaptive reuse. The sponsorship affords this studio the opportunity for detailed research, as well as the potential to host guest speakers and the possible dissemination of the student work in a publication.

Collaborative Design Studio

KI, a contract furniture company, manufactures innovative furniture and movable wall system solutions for educational, university, business and government markets. The employee-owned global company is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and has sales offices and licensed manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

685-885 Building Typology
Instructor: Professor Grace La

Participants researched and designed environments for higher education during this studio sponsored by KI. The studio built on the research of auditoria design that was conducted through a previous KI-funded studio.
The research topics included learning methods in a college setting, adapting spaces to support new learning styles, assessing the role of furniture in transforming passive settings into hubs of interaction, and the integration of technology and materiality into learning spaces.

Plunkett Raysich Studio
Plunkett Raysich Architects

Plunkett Raysich Studio
Instructor: Associate Professor Chris Cornelius
The work of this studio was selected for an NCARB Prize in 2007. “AIA 150 Studio: Reweaving the Neighborhood Fabric”, was a program created in partnership with Plunkett Raysich Architects to offer citizens in communities across America an opportunity to celebrate their community heritage, address emerging architectural challenges and trends, and to find their voices to make their vision real for beautiful, safe and livable communities.

Wells Precast Studio
Wells Precast Studio

This family-owned company has built a global footprint through the constant pursuit of excellence in design and performance. Wells Precast prides itself on being the global leader in the prestressed, precast concrete industry.

615-815 Technology
Instructor: Associate Professor Gil Snyder

This studio at SARUP is directed by Associate Professor Gil Snyder in collaboration with professional engineers and fabrication specialists from Spancrete.
It provides students with a unique opportunity to participate in an academy-industry dialogue. The student works from the Spancrete Studio, along with the pedagogy employed, have been presented at a national academic conference on building technology teaching, where the studio has been recognized as an innovative teaching environment for architecture students. Projects from this studio routinely win design competitions held by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI).

Workshop Studio
Workshop Architects

Workshop Architects focuses on creating environments for social interaction and creative expression. Guided by robust research and design methodologies, Workshop’s team of architects, planners and designers work with leading educational, cultural and corporate institutions to plan and design spaces.

675-875 Facility Planning
Instructor: Associate Professor Brian Schermer

This collaborative studio focused on exploring a socially ergonomic approach to designing campus environments, and received an NCARB Prize for Creative Integration of Practice and Education in the Academy.