Established in 1982, The School of Architecture & Urban Planning’s (SARUP) Ph.D. program is an internationally recognized center of excellence in research and doctoral studies. It attracts diverse, cross-disciplinary faculty participation from within the UW System and student enrollments both from national and international realms. Given its unique vantage to examine aspects of the man-made and natural environments, the doctoral program offers three primary areas of research focus for incoming students – Environmental Design Research (EDR) , Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures (BLC) and Sustainability, Resources and Technology (SRT) . These areas correspond to the core interests of leading faculty who guide students and encourage them to work under their mentoring from an early stage in their education.

Environmental Design Research (EDR)
has been the cornerstone of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s reputation for leadership in architectural research and research-based design education.
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Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures (BLC)
focus introduces an interdisciplinary research track concentrating on the examination of the cultural and historical aspects of the built environment.
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Sustainability, Resources and Technology (SRT)
focus encompasses a range of research issues regarding the sustainability of the built environment in terms of economics, equity, and environmental issues.
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