For over 35 years, the Ph.D. Program in Architecture has been a mainstay of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s reputation as a leader in architectural research and education. The Ph.D. Program in Architecture is a community of scholars, practitioners, activists, and educators who are committed to advancing the discipline and practice of architecture. Situated within a professional school of architecture, the program is both curiosity-driven and action-oriented. The faculty and students at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning seek to advance architectural discourse and knowledge at multiple levels of inquiry. They embrace intellectual inclusiveness and critical examinations of society, culture, ecology and technology, while pursuing questions related to architectural history, theory, and criticism, human experience, social justice, and environmental advocacy.

Ph.D. Faculty and Interests

Jasmine Benyamin, Associate Professor
Dr. Benyamin’s interdisciplinary research focuses on medias and modalities of architectural discourse (History/Theory/Criticism) from 1850-present. Her doctoral work expands on historical and theoretical frameworks for re-evaluations of architectural modernism, and current writing examines in part architectural manifestations in art practice and popular culture. Benyamin is also program faculty in the BLC program.

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Whitney Moon, Assistant Professor
As an architect and historian, Dr. Moon’s research interests reside in 20th and 21st century art and architecture, with an emphasis on theatricality, performance and ephemeral works. Currently, she is working on a collection of essays about the rise and fall of pneumatic architecture in the 1960s and 70s. Moon is also program faculty in the BLC program.

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Brian Schermer, Associate Professor
Dr. Schermer’s research focuses on how the process of designing physical settings uncovers client aspirations, challenges norms, and transforms people, places, and organizations. Much of this effort centers on settings for higher education; however, it applies to any organization for which the cultivation of place-based community is absolutely vital to its mission.

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Arijt Sen, Associate Professor
Dr. Sen is an architect and vernacular architecture historian who writes, teaches and studies urban cultural landscapes. Sen’s academic and research background is in architectural history, social, cultural, behavioral analysis of the built environment, and American cultural landscape studies. Dr. Sen co-founded the multi-campus based Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures (BLC) area of doctoral research.

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Affiliated Faculty (SARUP):

Nikole Bouchard
Chris Cornelius
Mark Keane
Kyle Reynolds
James Shields
Kyle Talbott
Filip Tejchman
Alexander Timmer
Karl Wallick
James Wasley
Mo Zell

University of Wisconsin-Madison Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures Program (BLC)

Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures serves students enrolled in the Architecture and Art History doctoral programs at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Madison campuses, respectively. It involves faculty members on both campuses with diverse research and teaching interests, including housing, urban and architectural history, cultural landscapes, urban and rural vernacular, and urban and architectural morphology. Learn More…