For over 35 years, the Ph.D. Program in Architecture has been a mainstay of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s reputation as a leader in architectural research and education. The Ph.D. Program in Architecture is a community of scholars, practitioners, activists, and educators who are committed to advancing the discipline and practice of architecture. Situated within a professional school of architecture, the program is both curiosity-driven and action-oriented. The faculty and students at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning seek to advance architectural discourse and knowledge at multiple levels of inquiry. They embrace intellectual inclusiveness and critical examinations of society, culture, ecology and technology, while pursuing questions related to architectural history, theory, and criticism, human experience, social justice, and environmental advocacy.

Ph.D. Faculty and Interests

Brian Schermer, Associate Professor
Associate Professor Brian Schermer

Research Areas:

  • Design of campus places to foster community, learning, wellbeing, and belonging
  • Organizational and architectural change
  • Intergenerational housing for active living
  • Participatory action research and progressive modes of architectural practice
  • Architectural programming and post-occupancy evaluation

Currently willing to serve as a primary advisor and on doctoral committees.
For more information and contact, visit Dr. Schermer’s faculty page.

Associate Professor Whitney Moon, H/T Faculty
Research Areas:

  • Modern & Contemporary Architecture
  • Temporary, Ephemeral, and Mobile Architectures
  • History of Pneumatics/Inflatables
  • History of Architectural Exhibitions
  • Curating and Exhibiting Architecture
  • Midcentury Modernism & Housing

Currently willing to serve as a primary advisor and on doctoral committees.
For more information and contact, visit Dr. Moon’s faculty page.

Assistant Professor Maura Lucking, H/T Faculty
Research Areas:

  • 19th century United States in Global Context
  • Modern Architecture & Imperialism/Colonialism
  • Political Economy, Legal Theory, Land Use Policy
  • Histories of Labor & Self-Help Housing
  • Racial Politics of Style & Aesthetics
  • Media Histories of Architecture
  • Heritage & Museums

Currently willing to serve on doctoral committees (not as primary advisor).
For more information and contact, visit Dr. Lucking’s faculty page.

Affiliated Faculty (SARUP):

Arijit Sen, UWM Department of History
Anna Andrzejewski, UW-Madison Department of Art History