SARUP established the Master of Urban Design (MUD) program in response to an increasing demand for urban design education from students and to the expected significant growth of architectural related services and urban design-related jobs in the U.S. labor market. The program is comprised of 30 credits, which can be completed within a 12-month period.

Graduates of the program will have knowledge and skills to create sustainable, equitable, and prosperous urban spaces for present and future generations in the rapidly changing urban environments, such as preparing design guidelines for different levels of public agencies; designing new or infilled urban neighborhoods and public spaces; planning infrastructure such as streets, pedestrian and bicycle networks, and public transit facilities; and addressing environmental concerns through ecological design.

The Master of Urban Design is an approved field of study within the U.S. government’s official STEM fields list.

The program requirements are comprised of 30 credits, of which at least 12 credits are taken from the Department of Architecture and 12 credits from the Department of Urban Planning. In the 30 credits, 15 are required, and 15 credits will be taken from accepted urban design-related elective courses. Up to 6 credits can be taken from an internship or an independent study, including summer study abroad.

Prospective Master of Urban Design students should have the following: bachelor’s degree in architecture, landscape architecture, design-focused urban planning or interior design; design-studio background; minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0; ability to submit an electronic design portfolio. The GRE is not required for Master of Urban Design applicants.