UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning offers on-line architecture courses for high school students.

Arch 100 Architectural Making I for fall semester and Arch 103 Architectural Making II for spring semester aim at laying a foundation for a general understanding of Architecture. Through fundamental principles spanning the education, the profession, the art, the science of Architecture, the student will encounter a broad survey of vocabularies and conceptual processes. Lectures, readings, interactive digital video, examinations, and projects will provide the means of exploration.

  1. Incorporates several drawing activities during each session
  2. Involves the conscious use of skill and creative imagination in the production of architectural artifacts and designed objects which stress values of strength, utility, and beauty.
  3. Lectures and digital videos will introduce the history, theory, and practice of architecture, supplemented by an array of digital video files and course website:
    • requiring students to interpret a work of art/design;
    • requiring students to evaluate, identify, and analyze artistic expression according to its medium, cultural and historical relevance; and
    • requiring students to demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics and essential qualities, techniques, and processes of Visual Art media and disciplines.

    These criteria are met through class lectures, required readings and on-line interactive discussions.

  4. The terminal course project will require the creation of a design – specifically a chair design.
  5. The course projects will involve students in the practice of 3 specific media – traditional modeling, digital modeling via SketchUP, and freehand drawing/diagramming.

Prior Learning Assessment

The Department of Architecture offers Arch 100 Architectural Making I for fall semester and Arch 103 Architectural Making II for spring semester free of tuition, (with a $290 technology convenience fee) to IL high schools and WI private high schools who can

  1. field a class of 12 juniors and/or seniors
  2. or individual students of good standing 3.25 GPA minimum

We highly suggest the high school advisors market the course to those students “keenly” interested in Architecture as a potential career.

The courses will count toward meeting high school graduation requirements as well as earning college credit at School of Architecture & Urban Planning.
Contact Professor Mark Keane with questions about course content.