You can become an architect! Your journey will require education, experience and commitment. The Wisconsin Architects Foundation (WAF) wants to help you succeed in the next generation of the profession of architecture.

Architecture is at its best when it enhances human experience by creating buildings and environments that serve and strengthen communities. Introduced in 2022, the Dream Spaces Diversity + Architecture Scholarship (DSS) program seeks to build a growing cadre of diverse architects so that the profession better reflects the communities it serves.

The WAF seeks to attract, inspire and invest in the next generation of the profession, and we can help fund your college education with a scholarship that covers in-state tuition. In addition, we can transform your career trajectory through our network of alumni, mentors and scholars.

Those who become Dream Spaces Scholars will form a select group of students who, through imagination, commitment to excellence and participation in a supportive network, can change the landscape of the profession and the built environment.

Eligibility Requirements:
Students must:

  • Be a resident of Wisconsin for tuition purposes.
  • Be admitted to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) and declared a new bachelor’s or master’s degree architecture student for the fall of 2023.
  • Apply for the scholarship and submit all of the Required Submission Materials by the stated deadline.
  • Note: Financial need may be considered, but is not required.

Benefits: 100% of tuition covered, for up to eight semesters

  • This scholarship is renewable based upon maintaining full-time status and academic performance. (A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is required every semester.) 
  • Financial and academic support is offered for up to:
    • Eight semesters for an incoming freshman.
    • Six semesters for an incoming transfer student into the BSAS degree program.
    • Four (or six) semesters for an incoming graduate student (depending upon enrollment in the 2 or 3-year program).
  • The scholarship recipient will be assigned a dedicated mentor, and be provided additional tutoring and mentoring to support successful academic outcomes. In addition, the scholar will have a professional mentor through the WAF.

Required Submission Materials:
All due by January 31, 2023

  • UWM application.
  • Complete the General Scholarship Application at the UWM Panther scholarship portal, including a completed FAFSA.
  • Apply for the Dream Spaces Architecture + Diversity Scholarship in the UWM Panther scholarship portal.
  • A response to the questions: (You may upload either a video response or written answers to the questions in the portal.)
    • How do you see your future role in the field of architecture?
    • Discuss why you think diversity is important in the field of architecture.
  • Provide 3 to 5 examples of your creative works. These need not be architecture specific.
  • Provide one letter of recommendation.

Review Process and Notification:
The review process will be holistic in its approach, and conducted by an advisory committee, consisting of a:

  • Wisconsin Architects Foundation board member
  • National Organization of Minority Architects – Wisconsin (WiscoNOMA) board member
  • UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning faculty member

Awardee will be notified (by email) of their selection by March 31, 2023.

Question and Answer:

Q: How are award decisions made?

A: An advisory committee consisting of a Wisconsin Architects Foundation board member, a National Organization of Minority Architects – Wisconsin (WiscoNOMA) board member, and a UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning faculty member makes recommendations to the Dean, based on a holistic review of each applicant.

Q: Can I apply for the scholarship and admission at different times?

A: Yes, you may apply for the scholarship and admission at different times, though awardees will only be selected from admitted students who satisfy the eligibility requirements. We encourage you to apply for admissions no later than January 3, 2023. Scholarship applications and supporting materials must be submitted no later than January 21, 2023.

Q: When and how will the awardee be notified?

A: Awardee will be notified via email by March 31, 2023.

Q: Do I need to be a Wisconsin resident to receive this scholarship?

A: Yes, the recipient must be a resident of Wisconsin for tuition purposes.

Q: Am I required to complete the FAFSA to be eligible for this award?

A: No, however we encourage you to submit the FAFSA by the application submission deadline. Be sure to add UWM as a recipient before you submit.

Students not eligible for federal financial aid can complete the Non-FAFSA Need Worksheet (PDF) and upload it to the Panther Scholarship Portal General Application.

Q: Do I have to mention this scholarship when I complete the UWM application for admission?

A: No. You must first apply for admission and be accepted to UWM. Once you submit the Dream Spaces Scholarship application, you will be considered for the scholarship if you satisfy the eligibility criteria. To access the application:

Log into the Panther Scholarship Portal using your PAWS credentials.

1. Complete the General Application. This makes you eligible for all scholarships at UWM.

2. Search for “Dream Spaces Scholarship.”

Complete and submit your scholarship application.