SARUP alum Ross Altheimer honored in Architectural League’s 2024 Emerging Voices Program

Ross Altheimer ’99 and Maura Rockcastle of TEN x TEN have been awarded in the prestigious Architectural League’s annual Emerging Voices program. According to the Architecture League, the award “spotlights North American architects, landscape architects, and urban designers who have significant bodies of realized work and the potential to influence their field.”

Established in 2015 by Ross Altheimer and Maura Rockcastle, TEN x TEN is renowned for its transdisciplinary approach in creating immersive and resilient landscapes that respond to social, economic, and environmental changes. Their commitment to collaborative work and community engagement has garnered significant recognition, making them influential figures in the field of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.

Notable projects by TEN x TEN include the Mill 19 adaptive reuse project, the Rondo Commemorative Plaza honoring Saint Paul’s historic Black neighborhood, and the Tri-Faith Commons, a faith-based campus advocating for environmental stewardship. Their innovative designs, which incorporate reclaimed materials and prioritize community narratives, exemplify the firm’s dedication to meaningful placemaking.

“We have had our heads down here the last 9 years growing a practice, following our values, and engaging deeply in the work,” said Altheimer. “This award feels like ‘Hey, keep going!!.’ It is a huge honor to be acknowledged in the Emerging Voices program alongside this beautiful community of practitioners past and present. To have this collective body of projects recognized speaks to the vision, collaboration, and grit our partners and clients bring. We are in awe of our team, their inspired work, and all we have and will continue to build together.”

Altheimer reflected on his time at UWM’s School of Architecture & Urban Planning.

“What stands out is an inspired, passionate and close-knit group of students that created a space of support and rigor to explore. A faculty body that taught design through theory and the role and importance of critical design practice,” he said. “And the strong sense of community and identity that came from being a part of the school.”

Exhibitions by TEN x TEN’s work have been featured at institutions such as Louisiana State University and the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Additionally, their work has been recognized with multiple national ASLA awards and as a finalist for the 2023 Urban Land Institute Americas Awards for Excellence.

Altheimer holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from UWM and is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota College of Design. He furthered his education with master’s degrees in architecture and landscape architecture from the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

Learn more about the award and TEN x TEN on the Architecture League website.