Lindsey Krug Receives ACSA New Faculty Teacher Award

Assistant Professor Lindsey Krug has been selected as one of four recipients of the 2024 Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) New Faculty Teaching Award.

According to the release by ACSA, the 2024 Architectural Education Awards honor architectural educators for exemplary work in areas such as building design, community collaborations, scholarship, and service. The New Faculty Teaching Award recognizes demonstrated excellence and innovation in teaching performance during the formative years of an architectural teaching career.

Through the lens of the architectural user as a body in space, Krug studies how design solidifies and reinforces taboos, hierarchies, and inequities into built form, and positions architecture as a biopsying tool that unveils tensions between spatial foibles and cultural conventions of identity, politics, class, and sociality. Krug’s research interests are organized around relationships between people and contemporary institutions born of American democracy and capitalism and their corresponding architectural manifestations and myths. Two such institutions of focus are the U.S. Supreme Court and the topic of privacy as it’s defined legally and architecturally, and Dollar General Corporation with its small-box retail empire. These research threads are reflected in the courses Krug teaches as her design briefs and syllabi help students confront contemporary issues and current events as part of their design education in order to facilitate students imagining radical and optimistic architectural futures.

Krug’s design research titled “Corpus Comunis: Precedent, Privacy, and the United States Supreme Court, in Seven Architectural Case Studies” was awarded the 2023 Best Peer-Reviewed Research Project by the ACSA College of Distinguished Professors. Along with her frequent collaborator Sarah Aziz, Krug received the 2022 Course Development Prize in Architecture, Climate Change, and Society from the ACSA and the Columbia University Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture. Most recently, the pair was awarded the 2023 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers by the Architectural League of New York.

Jurors for the AIAS/ACSA New Faculty Teaching Award were Julia Andor (American Institute of Architecture Students), Kody Cheung (Drexel University), Shelby Doyle (Iowa State University), and José Gámez (University of North Carolina at Charlotte).