Behavior Meetings

During a behavior meeting, the resident will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear the specific allegations and review the Incident Report(s).
  • Present a description of the incident in question and supply additional information.
  • Ask questions relevant to the incident and/or Behavior Process.

The University Housing administrator will determine the resident’s involvement based on the Incident Reports, relevant information from the behavior meeting, and, if needed, the outcome of any further investigation.

After the behavior meeting, the resident will receive a letter that will contain:

  • The specific policy/policies from the Rules and Regulations that were violated.
  • Any behavioral sanctions issued in response to the violation(s) of the Rules and Regulations.
  • Instruction regarding how to appeal any University housing sanctions and the deadline for filing an appeal.

All documentation (IRs, copies of letters, etc.) related to a resident’s involvement in the Behavior Process is stored digitally in the resident’s electronic filing cabinet. Individuals with concerns about confidentiality are encouraged to read our FERPA statement and speak with a member of the Residence Life professional staff.