Studio 410: Campus Residence Hall

Reuben Reider

Marc Roehrle
Architecture 410

Based on Le Corbusier’s Convent of La Tourette, this dorm located on UWM’s campus creates a very designed dorm room for each student. Features include a lowered ceiling closet threshold at the entry, a book shelf and bed-nook, and a desk/dresser placed on the inner courtyard wall. Facing Downer Woods are the communal bathrooms and commons at each floor. At the end of each hallway a floor to ceiling window provides a unique view and lighting experience. The facade has alternating 16” and 8” masonry coursing with different extrusions making the facade a shadow catching device.

Section through Residential Courtyard
First Floor Plan
Site Plan and Conceptual Diagram
Dorm Design Plans
Typical Upper Level Plan