Assistant Professor Lindsey Krug has been selected as one of the 2023-24 Faculty Fellows at the Center for 21st Century Studies (C21) at UWM! C21 is an interdisciplinary research center within UWM’s College of Letters and Science. Each year, C21 organizes around a new theme and assembles a cohort of faculty fellows from across the UW-system whose work engages that theme. This year’s cohort of fellows is responding to the themes of well-being, trust, and duty, as they prepare for the Spring 2024 “Trust the Vote” Symposium.
Through her fellowship, Lindsey is working on research titled “Supreme Privacy, no. 30,” an investigation into the spatial and architectural legacies of the right to privacy as outlined in the State Constitution of Wisconsin. This work builds upon her ongoing research unpacking privacy at the intersection of law and architecture at the federal level. Krug exhibited this work in an exhibition titled “Supreme Privacy” in the Shields Gallery at SARUP last year and presented it at the ACSA 111th Annual Conference, where it was awarded the 2023 Best Peer-Reviewed Research Project by the ACSA College of Distinguished Professors.