Elective Studio: Next to Nothing

Efrain Cano and Justin Sager


We explored an alternative approach to new urbanism. Given that this was a 600 acre site, we decided to begin our design with the single room based on a 12’ x 12’ module that could be adapted to different size units and program types. The architecture has several levels of privacy from the higher activity of the street level to the seclusion of private upper levels. The relationship between block and street was explored by introducing a woonerf/hybrid street that allows pedestrians and bicyclists to control the street instead of motorized vehicles. A pedestrian only Callete zig-zags across the site encouraging connectivity between the blocks.

Section Perspective of Typical Urban Block
View of Callete
View of Units from Street
Perspective Section of Typical Block
Public and Private Spaces Massing Model
Aerial View and Density Mapping
Diagram of Block Transformation Process
Overall Site Model
Overall Urban Plan
Typical Block Floor Plans