Anna Doran


The Colorado River has not reached its delta in over 20 years, living the 7 basin states and Mexico in extreme drought conditions, affecting 40 million people. Because of the drought, farming in the Southwest has decreased in the past decade, while populations in this region have increased. Many new developments are sorting up from old farmland. Additionally, RV and trailer parks have become normative in these desert settlements. With the interesting condition of transient life and new developing communities, the focus of this project is to serve as a new model for development in the southwestern region, which if followed by other communities in the area, would reduce the depletion of the river and return it to its former state. This project proposes a new sort of living, that combines food growth, water conservation and passive architecture. It creates an emergent way of life and growth, combining production and recreation.

1-Anna Doran_Thesis Droughtopia_Model
2-Anna Doran_Thesis Droughtopia_RV locations
3-Anna Doran_Thesis Droughtopia_RV House Configuration
4-Anna Doran_Thesis Droughtopia_H20 Collection
5-Anna Doran_Thesis Droughtopia_View from RV Locations
6-Anna Doran_Thesis Droughtopia_Model
7-Anna Doran_Thesis Droughtopia_In Between Space
8-Anna Doran_Thesis Droughtopia_Model