Thesis: 9 Bungalows and a Queen Anne

This thesis transforms vacant homes along the 30th Street Corridor of Milwaukee to create spaces for The Community to play, garden, work, learn and connect. With the decline of Milwaukee’s industry starting in the 1970s and continuing today, the local population has been plagued with unemployment. As a result, poverty, eviction and crime rates have sky-rocketed, leaving the surrounding landscape littered with over 3,000 vacant homes.

9 Bungalows and a Queen Anne, posits these abandoned urban environments and buildings not as abject, but as opportunity. Through interviews and analysis, this Thesis aims to understand the current conditions and basic needs of the 30th Street Corridor Community. Urban and Architectural Interventions are explored through the eyes of five Community Characters that range in age, gender and background. 9 Bungalows and a Queen Anne presents a Nuanced Narrative, Material Explorations and Spatial Experiments that demonstrate how optimistic Urban and Architectural Design can instigate positive change in an undervalued neighborhood.

Culture Model
Play Model
Axonometric Program Diagram
Axonometric Program Diagram
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