Lecture by Phil Enquist, Doug Voigt, and Rachel Momonee: The Great Lakes Century Vision Plan and Illustrative Projects.

The Great Lakes Century Vision Plan and Illustrative Projects – FAIA Phil Enquist, along with SARUP alumni and Partner in charge of Urban Design and Planning Doug Voigt and SARUP alumni Rachel Momenee, will be speaking about the Great Lakes Century Vision Plan, and current work at SOM that illustrates its concepts at various scales.

“The Great Lakes Century – a 100 Year Vision,” highlights the many challenges faced in the region and defines a future that takes full advantage of the water resource in a way that is sustainable in the long term. The 100 Year Vision sets out ideas on many themes such as agriculture, energy, transportation, water, urban areas, higher education, and more to give the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence community a much better sense of what is possible for the region.