Exhibit Times and Location

The Open, 832 E. Chambers Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Saturday, April 1, 2017, 3pm – 5pm
Gallery opening (art, architecture & food)

About Exhibit

Conceived in collaboration with local artists Katy Cowan and Nicholas Frank at The Open in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood, The Warming Hive is a pneumatic (air-filled) structure designed by a group of undergraduate and graduate architecture students at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in Fall 2016, taught by Assistant Professor Whitney Moon. In addition to being “plugged-in” to The Outlet—an electrical outlet curated by Cowan inside the gallery—The Warming Hive was designed to engage, both thermally and socially, The Oven—an outdoor brick oven run by artist John Riepenhoff. For this opening event, Peter Sandroni, the head chef at La Merenda & Engine House No. 3, will be cooking in The Oven, in collaboration with ceramicist Shelby Page. Sandroni’s culinary delights will be prepared in Page’s custom earthenware (thrown in the basement of The Open), and enjoyed in the comfort of an inflatable environment.

Questions, comments?

Additional information about exhibit by emailing any inquiries to Assistant Professor Whitney Moon.