2015 Summer Exhibition
SARUP Urban Design Studio & Community Design Solutions (CDS), Jill Sebastian and Matthew Gramling

A Pop-up Gallery that Transforms Vacant Storefronts

MDB Activities
Exhibition & Event Overview

Mobile Design Box, a community outreach initiative aimed at forming a new creative interface between Milwaukee and the School via a pop-up gallery, continues to occupy almost 4000 square feet of vacant retail space donated by Mandel Group, Inc., at the North End. Four times a year Mobile Design Box hosts a new exhibit that pairs a School initiative with an active member of the creative community. One benefit of these partnerships hosted at the Mobile Design Box is the public promotion of the agency of design.

MDB temporarily expanded in 2016 to a second space at the Historic Pritzlaff Building. MDB joined the 2016 Marcus Prize Studio led by Joshua Prince-Ramus and Adjunct Associate Professor Matt Jarosz and the Spancrete Studio led by Associate Professor Gil Snyder. The additional pop-up gallery, MDB 2.0, was sponsored in part by Pritzlaff Events, Kendall Breunig and Sunset Investors. The Institute of Ecological Design, led by Professor Jim Wasley and School alumni Jesse Damrow, founder/director of Joint Effort Studio, exhibited at MDB Pritzlaff from January–April 2016. In addition to these exhibits, the MDB space hosted a number of events including Women in Design lectures, mentoring events, AIA meetings, and a talk by Creative Mornings speaker Venice Williams.

From Waste to Wonder Design Studio Student Work
Nikole Bouchard, Assistant Professor

The production of Waste is a dynamic cultural phenomenon that effects social, spatial, and ecological orders. Habits of disposal are deeply ingrained in our daily lives—so casual and continual that we rarely ever stop to ponder the bigger picture. Challenges with trash disposal have grown critical in today’s crowded world. Re-thinking the ways in which we collect and dispose of our Waste, including innovative methods of design, are essential to ensure a more sustainable future.
From Waste to Wonder was a research and design studio in the School of Architecture & Urban Planning that encouraged students to challenge their preconceived notions of Waste. Students conducted in-depth research of various waste flows within Milwaukee to produce projects that were thoughtful, inventive, and oftentimes unlikely approaches to design. This student work straddles the boundaries between architecture, art, and landscape with a specific focus on how the thoughtful intersection of these disciplines can stimulate ecologically sensitive and culturally relevant design interventions.

MOBILE DESIGN BOX - From Waste to Wonder Exhibition (Bouchard)
MOBILE DESIGN BOX – From Waste to Wonder Exhibition (Bouchard)
Institute of Ecological Design / Joint Effort Studio

Jim Wasley, Professor / Jesse Damrow, Designer

The Inner Harbor Project has involved over 60 design studios and classes, and produced a dozen MArch Thesis projects. It has involved student work from UW–Madison and IIT, and it has led to several spin-off demonstration projects that have the potential to make some of the ecological ambitions of the Inner Harbor Project real. This exhibition surveys the results, describes proposed demonstration projects, and concludes with a vision of the Inner Harbor’s ecological and economic restoration.
Founded by Jesse Damrow (SARUP Alum) in 2009, Joint Effort Studio is on a mission to create heirloom quality original modern sculptural furnishings that are accessible to a broad market. Formal training and practice in the field of architecture and years of collaboration and training under master carpenters have converged into a love affair for wood and design. Each piece is designed and hand built right here in Wisconsin. Joint Effort is a LEED certified operation striving whenever possible to source locally and from responsibly harvested forests.

MOBILE DESIGN BOX - Mobility Matters Exhibition (Furguiele)
MOBILE DESIGN BOX – Mobility Matters Exhibition (Furguiele)
MAB: Milwaukee Arts Barge

Antonio Furgiuele, Research Fellow

Mobility Matters brings together a series of projects, collaborative practices, and community issues that are transforming the social fabric of Milwaukee. The exhibition explores the links between mobility, agency, and value in Milwaukee. From water to land, through activating Milwaukee’s public waterways to the creation of community agricultural parks, the exhibit and series of events highlight current initiatives underway and create a platform to propel matters of mobility.
How is mobility created and how does it work? Where is it on display? Can it empower various groups and heighten exchanges? Can it address issues of cultural and economic equity in our city? From social to economic mobility, political and geographic, Mobility Matters effect everyday life in Milwaukee. Find new ways to collaborate and transform boundaries into spaces of civic engagement with urban farmers, educators, artists, activists, performing arts organizations, and community groups: let’s make Mobility Matter.

MOBILE DESIGN BOX  - UWM Institute of Ecological Design (Wasley)
MOBILE DESIGN BOX – UWM Institute of Ecological Design (Wasley)
  • MOBILE DESIGN BOX - From Waste to Wonder Exhibition (Bouchard)