Profile by Alexis Meyer
In Student Profiles, SARUP students share their motivations, inspirations and goals.

NOMAS president Izzy Cosentino is currently a junior at UWM studying architecture. Since junior year of high school, Izzy knew she wanted to be in a career where she could make an impact, continue exploring and be creative.

Izzy recalled that, “During high school, I would incorporate both left and right brain thinking into all my courses with a focus on art, engineering, and physics, making architecture the perfect occupation to pursue.” Izzy knew she would “thrive in Milwaukee,” and she appreciated that UWM was close to home.

Looking up to Zaha Hadid as one of the most prominent women of color in architecture, Izzy knows how important representation is in the field of architecture. During her time serving as NOMAS president, Izzy learned that “gathering minority students together shows that they are not alone and that they have a voice in their education and career.” She continuously works to create an environment within SARUP where students have a voice and feel that their place is valid.

After graduating in May 2023, Izzy plans on attending graduate school. She is inspired by the possibility of living the “most exciting life possible by learning and doing things” she didn’t think she could do. With an interest in healthcare design, Izzy hopes that she can someday “be an architect at a firm that explores new ideas that no one has ever done before and changes people’s lives.”

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