Twenty years ago, Santiago Caltrava’s Quadracci Pavilion became an iconic part of Milwaukee’s skyline, marking the Milwaukee Art Museum as one of the city’s most significant architectural works. In celebration of the “Calatrava’s” twenty years, SARUP’s Senior Associate Dean Mo Zell remarked in Milwaukee Magazine on how the building continues to captivate.

“It has to wow people when they first come and it also has to sustain interest over time,” Zell said. “And that building really does it.”

As Milwaukee’s reputation for world-class architecture continues to grow, SARUP worked with the Marcus Foundation to equip and empower emerging architects.

“After Calatrava came here and the conversations around architecture happened, the architecture school created the Marcus Prize to resemble that very concept of bringing in iconic, world-class architects to Milwaukee to help change the skyline of the city,” Zell said. “Every year, we host the Marcus Prize winner at the school.”

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