This a recording of October 2, 2020, the UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning building goes virtual! By combining a 3D model of SARUP and the AltspaceVR platform (a multi-user virtual environment), we have brought our campus building into virtual reality.

Visitors from anywhere in the world can congregate synchronously in the personification of an avatar in the SARUP virtual campus. The virtual campus can hold lectures, exhibitions, and studio reviews along with serving as a virtual commons and hang-out spot.

The presentation will also show the Virtual SARUP using Roundme, Kubity, and others.


  1. Welcoming and Opening, Nancy Frank, UWM SARUP Dean
  2. SARUP Twin Motion Video:
  3. SARUP in Enscape:
  4. SARUP in Roundme:
  5. SARUP in Kubity Go:
  6. SARUP MUVE in AltspaceVR:
  7. Presenting SARUP XR Studios, Kurt Meingast
  8. Announcing the XR Workshops at at SARUP, Gabriela Bustos
  9. Closing, Mo Zell, Chair of the Department of Architecture

Setup before the event

To participate in the virtual reality immersion during the event, please set up the following platforms prior to the event.

Download Roundme on your phone

Download Kubity Go on your phone

Download AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR requires either a Windows computer, HTC Vive headset, or Oculus headset, it does not currently work on Mac computers.

  1. Download AltspaceVR
  2. Setup your AltspaceVR account
    1. Launch AltspaceVR
    2. Sign up for a new AltspaceVR account
    3. Follow the tutorial