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TOLO Architecture: Stories about our works in the arts ” presentation Sarah Lorenzen, AIA ,TOLO Architecture, Principal
,Cal Poly Pomona, Professor

This lecture is Sponsored by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning.


TOLO’s designs draw from the rich material and cultural conditions that characterize the world we live in. The firm’s portfolio includes housing, retail, and arts-based projects. Since 2000, when Peter Tolkin first founded the practice (Sarah Lorenzen joined in 2015), the firm’s projects have been frequently cited for their inventiveness, vitality, and accomplished craftsmanship in awards and in publications. Principals, Peter and Sarah, both have an arts education in addition to being architects.  Peter has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Cal Arts in addition to a Master of Architecture from Columbia. Sarah has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from Smith College/Atlanta College of Art, and Master of Architecture Degrees from Georgia Tech and from Sci-Arc. Their backgrounds have led to a robust architectural practice working on exhibitions, large-scale art installations, houses for artists and art collectors, and recently the design of a large gallery in downtown LA.

Lecture Summary

TOLO engages in a variety of projects that sit at the intersection of art and architecture. Some of these projects are office initiatives, a chance for us to experiment more freely on a material, cultural, or spatial idea. One example is our proposal for a non-gendered bathroom titled XYYXXY, exhibited last year at Milwaukee’s Villa Terrace Museum. Others have been developed in collaboration with such artists as Charles Gaines, Todd Gray, and Yunhee Min. In doing these collaborations, we have sought to answer the following questions: how can architecture ground, support, or frame an artist’s work? When should architecture remain in the background and when should it move forward? What does it mean to produce art as architects? TOLO Architecture will present a variety of collaborative projects with artists, curators, and art collectors that address these questions in different ways.

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