Time and Place

Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: SARUP Gallery (AUP146) – UWM Campus – 2131 E Hartford Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211

Exhibition Summary

The Mellowes Research Exhibition will showcase research and design work completed during the inaugural Mellowes Master’s Research Assistantships. Assistant Professor Alex Timmer has been working with Duncan McGlachlin to research thermally active concrete structures through form and performance. Professor Jim Wasley has been working with Fouzia Emon, mapping waterfront cities of the Great Lakes Basin to address water-related climate resilience.

Need Directions?

Get directions to The School of Architecture and Urban Planning building at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is located at 2131 East Hartford Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Questions, comments?

All exhibits are free and open to the public.
Additional information about the lectures and exhibitions can be found by contacting the main reception at (414) 229-4014, and by emailing any inquiries to Chair of the Architecture Department Kyle Reynolds.