Time and Place

Location: Jim Shields Gallery of Architecture & Urbanism sponsored by HGA (AUP146) – UWM Campus – 2131 E Hartford Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211


The “Mediation Slice” is a traveling exhibit—from the Time Space Existence Biennial exhibit in Venice during the summer ’23 to UWM SARUP Sheilds Gallery, and eventually on to other institutions and galleries in the Midwest. The exhibition explores immigrant agencies through placemaking despite their lack of social, economic, and political power during their resettlement in the United States. This exhibit showcases Devon Avenue’s community placemaking on the far North Side of Chicago as an example.

The term “Mediation Slice” refers to a stage for diverse social and economic interactions among immigrant communities from all over the world with their host communities. This everyday placemaking lies in a transition zone within the Chicago metropolitan area where the communities display their distinct trans-local characters, heritage, and pride by reclaiming their rights to the city.

This exhibition is the outcome of the “Re-imagining New Immigrant Landscapes” elective design studio taught at UWM SARUP in the Fall 2022 by Mania Taher and BNMO Design.

For more information contact Architecture Chair Karl Wallick.