SUPERJURY is an all day event dedicated to reviewing the best student projects, discussing issues pertinent to architecture and architectural education. Invited guest reviewers, known collectively as the SUPER JURORS, join UWM faculty members from the respective studios in the SUPERJURY.

This event fosters a merit-based competition in the school that raises the overall level of the students’ work and provides an opportunity for the best students to be exposed to the larger architectural community in a very intimate way. For students, the process for joining the SUPERJURY is very competitive. Only the best student representative from studios and seminars will be nominated to participate.

Guest Jurors
Sunil Bald (Yale)
Maya Przybylski (Waterloo)
Nader Tehrani (Cooper Union)

Ellie Abrons (Michigan)
Lori Brown (Syracuse)
Tricia Stuth (Tennessee)

Donna Robertson (IIT)
Jonathan Solomon (SAIC)
Rosalyne Shieh (Yale)

Joyce Hwang (Ants of the Prairie)
Johnathon Massey (University of Michigan)
Juan Miro (Miro Rivera Architects)

Lola Sheppard (Lateral Office)
Lawrence Scarpa (Larry Scarpa Architects)
Mason White (Lateral Office)

Lluis Ortego
Thom Faulders (CCA)

Peggy Deamer (Yale)
John McMorrough (University of Michigan)

Martin Finio (Yale)
Andrea Kahn (Columbia)
Martin Hogue (SUNY Syracuse)

Lori Brown (Syracuse University)
Peter Waldman (University of Virginia),
Larry Kearns (Wheeler Kearns)