Architectural designer, researcher, and educator José Ibarra joins the School of Architecture & Urban Planning from the East Coast, where he attended and taught courses at both Princeton University (M.Arch II) and Cornell University (B.Arch). Ibarra has practiced architecture at CODA, Barkow Leibinger, fxCollaborative and Studio Eber, among other firms. His work also comprises editing and curation, most recently having co-curated AWP’s exhibition TOO FAST TOO SLOW, which featured his project “Uncertain Grounds: Rethinking Settlement in the Anthropocene.” Ibarra’s ongoing research interests include urban traumas and environmental uncertainty.

Ibarra explains that his work this year will “advance research on alternative design tactics by analyzing cases of urban trauma in order to offer inclusive architectural solutions.” His courses will address both environmental and social problems through different temporal scales. “While spatial and urban disciplines have long centered around humans and their functions,” Ibarra says, “the issues they address transcend our species and threaten the very survival of a world in which life and architecture are no longer stable, hard, or even dependable. Architecture is now tasked with shifting gears towards fluidity, impermanence and fluctuation.”