FlexRide Milwaukee is a flexible, on-demand, microtransit service connecting labor force participants from predominantly low-income and underserved neighborhoods in the City of Milwaukee with suburban jobs. FlexRide Milwaukee was pilot tested from February through September 2022 with funding from a National Science Foundation (NSF) Civic Innovation Challenge Grant to a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) project team before being sustained and expanded through additional grants.

This report describes implementation and outcomes from the NSF grant.

To establish the FlexRide Milwaukee service, UWM collaborated closely with its civic partner, the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC), and other key workforce development stakeholders. This report summarizes actions that UWM and SEWRPC took to establish partnerships with local stakeholders, share key performance metrics, and foster a collaborative environment so that FlexRide Milwaukee could develop into a sustainable service and meet the needs of the local and regional community. In 2023, FlexRide Milwaukee was successfully transitioned under the management of MobiliSE.