Vaughn, Kristian

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Arch & Urban Planning


Economic development professional and urban science researcher with ten years of experience in community economics, land use management, site selection, incentives management, and public policy in the governmental, private consulting, and non-profit sectors. Specialties include financial structuring of transactions, supporting municipal staff in the development and implementation of economic strategies to catalyze reinvestment in commercial corridors, and assessing neighborhood economic performance, local market changes, and public policy impacts through the development of data dashboards, 2D mapping, and digital twins. Utilizing city information modeling (CIM) and digital twins, my research studies the economic, demographic, and spatial patterns of Milwaukee’s inner core housing submarkets from 1910-1970. The analysis focuses on the capital abandonment of these markets with special attention to their investment-disinvestment cycles, invasion-succession cycles, and typo-morphology of their built environments.

Dissertation Title

Milwaukee's Housing Fracture: Studying Housing Submarket Disinvestment with City Information Modeling (CIM) in Milwaukee's Inner Core Housing Submarkets, 1910-1970

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