Timmer, Alexander

(414) 229-2994
Arch & Urban Planning 373


The focus of Alex’s research is the relationship between energy systems and design within architecture. To do this his work explores reasoning within open systems, contingent material processes, and recursive design techniques. Currently, Alex is exploring precast pervious concrete systems to cool buildings through evaporation. Alex’s other current work can be found in various academic journals and conference proceedings such as ACSA and NCBDS. Additionally, Alex is the curator for the SARUP gallery located in the Marcus Commons of the architecture building.

Alex received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan. He holds a Master of Architecture from Harvard University where he received with the John E Thayer Award and the Alpha Rho Chi Medal. Prior to joining the Faculty at UWM, Alex was one of the two inaugural Irving Innovation Fellows at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. While a fellow he worked to deepen the link between the studio pedagogy and the fabrication lab, exploring ways in which digital fabrication can provide productive feedback loops within the design studio. Alex has also worked for firms and architects such as PLY Architecture, Abalos+Sentkiewicz Arquitectos, Kiel Moe, Christian Kerez, and Jennifer Bonner while specializing in design and fabrication.


BS in Architecture, University of Michigan TCAUP
Master of Architecture, Harvard University GSD


Energy + Material Systems
Thermal Comfort
Open Systems
Logical Reasoning


Architecture 301 – Architectural Systems 1
Architecture 310 – Fundamentals of Architectural Design 1
Architecture 420 – Architecture Design 2 (Coordinator)
Architecture 650/850 – Mass Matters
Architecture 390/790 – Rough Cut
Architecture 390/790 – Teaching Experience Course

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