Moayer, Negin

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Negin Moayer is the founder and design director of BNMO Design in Chicago. Her practice has been focused on community empowerment projects mainly located in the underserved areas of Chicago. She assists their clients in envisioning neighborhood revitalizing strategies for their communities, outlining community engagement plans, fundraising strategies and programming. In their projects, Negin with BNMO Design offers a vision for stronger and more vibrant urban communities, where thoughtfully designed environments are not privileges, but a human right. Whether it’s the sanctity of personal living space or the broad, positive impact of a new neighborhood resource, they partner with individuals and organizations to build dreams and maximize potential.

BNMO Design was a contributor to the Chicago Architecture Biennial, The Available City in 2021. The city-wide exhibition displayed ideas to revitalize and add vibrancy to the existing vacant city lots, by urban installations and renewal projects.

BNMO Design was also the recipient of the AIA Chicago Inaugural Roberta Feldman Architecture for Social Justice award in 2021. The award is initiated to celebrate the accomplishments of design projects which contribute to the health, wellness and empowerment of the underserved communities.


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, School of architecture and Urban Planning / M.Arch - January 2004
University of Tehran, School of Fine Arts / Master of Architecture - June 2001

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